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The Application of Nanoparticles in Biochips

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 1 ]


Ye-Fu Wang, Ye-Qin Zhang and Xiao-Di Jiang   Pages 55 - 59 ( 5 )


A nanoparticle is a microscopic particle with at least one dimension less than 100 nm,which plays an important role in the area of intense scientific research. In recent years, the application of gold nanoparticles instead of fluorescence dyes and enzyme-conjugation in biochips is very common. For example, Au nanoparticles labeling method was applied in many DNA-detection methods, and a novel readout scheme for gold nanoparticle-based DNA microarrays was studied relying on “Laser-Induced Scattering around a nanoAbsorber” and nanogold electrode, and the colorimetric detection using gold label plus silver stain was also developed. The technology is a good combination of gene technology and nanotechnology. At the same time, a number of scientists from different countries have paid more attention to the application of nanoparticles in biochips and gotten some new patents for it.


Nanoparticle, biochip, microarray, genechip, detection


College of Life Science,WuHan University, Wuhan 430072,China.

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