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Biodiesel: An Alternative Fuel

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 1 ]


Maximino Manzanera, Maria L. Molina-Munoz and Jesus Gonzalez-Lopez   Pages 25 - 34 ( 10 )


Biodiesel is an alternative energy source and could be a substitute for petroleum-based diesel fuel. To be a viable alternative, a biofuel should provide a net energy gain, have environmental benefits, be economically competitive, and be producible in large quantities without reducing food supplies. Most of the sources, methods and apparatus to produce biodiesel are reviewed here. Some of the patents propose the use of oils and fats of animal or vegetal origin and other kind of sources. Many others focus on the methods for the production or oxidation stability of the biofuel in order to make its production economically competitive. Several apparatus comprising reactors and refineries are also presented. This review article summarizes recent and important patents relating to the production of biodiesel to make its production a viable alternative.


Alternative fuels, biodiesel, transesterification, FAEEs, FAMEs, lipase, SCF, refinery, NOx, microdiesel


Group of Environmental Microbiology, Institute of Water Research, University of Granada,C/Ramon y Cajal No. 4, Edificio Fray Luis de Granada, Granada 18071,Spain.

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